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Beauty Products Revealing Ugly Ideas- “Just being white you will win.”

I could not believe my eyes when I watched this commercial.  It is truly horrible.

It is hard to believe that such a big company could be so oblivious to the sentiment being conveyed or that anyone would believe that such a product is needed.  Unfortunately, what is not surprising is the the cultural sentiment. In my experience most post colonial cultures have this not so secret idea that light skin is inherently more beautiful and that dark skin is undesirable.  Not surprising because for generations families grew up seeing that lighter skin meant wealth, status, and entitlement to a better life.  Darker skin meant no real opportunities for education or advancement and a lifetime of oppression, abuse, slavery, rape, etc.  What is surprising is that the outrage has been minimal and many women in 2016 will not be the least bit bothered to continue to buy these products.

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