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Ashley Callingbull, the first First Nation winner of Mrs. (Not Miss.) Universe

I am not a fan of beauty pageants. I feel like overall it just adds to objectification of women and reinforces that it is ok to judge a woman based on her appearance. That is just my opinion. The current political foibles of Donald Trump that reveal his misogynistic views appeal to a large sector of America combined with the fact that he is so closely associated with the Miss. USA pagent just reinforces my feelings. Although they haven’t needed reinforcing since I learned about the world of child pageantry thanks to “Toddlers and Tiaras.”

That being said, there is apart of me that likes the recent story of Ashley Callingbull, the first woman from the First Nations People to win. It sends the statement that native women are just as beautiful. She is in my opinion undisputedly drop dead gorgeous.

I also like that this is a Mrs. Universe pageant and not a Miss. Universe pageant. I like that it suggests women don’t stop being beautiful when they get married or that beauty has to associated with the young and innocent.

I don’t like beauty pageants. I do like Mrs. Callingbull and I am glad that many young girls from the First Nations People will look at her and think,  see I am beautiful like her, even though they may not see women that look like them in mainstream media. To read more about Mrs. Callingbull click here.


Photo courtesy of Instagram

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    HostingMay 3,16

    Ashley Callingbull, whose married name is Burnham, was crowned the winner in Belarus Saturday night.

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