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Women and their bodies

Nearly every woman alive has been subjected to thousands of images that purport to represent the ideal woman. If you are a woman reading this article then chances are at some point someone has asked you or told you what your body type is supposed to be. E.G. I am apple, you are a pear, she is an hourglass, etc. recently this illustration by cartoonist Gemma Correll pokes fun of this idea that categorizes womens bodies into inanimate shapes and the subtle implication that if you don’t fit into a shape category then there might be something wrong with you. Theres is an element of this so common everyday analogy of apple/pear/hourglass shapes that deeply bothers me because it objectifies our bodies and suggests a cook cutter attitude. Though it suggests these proverbial cookies can be different shapes it does not give women the freedom to just have bodies without classifying them somehow. She is NOT an apple. She IS a WOMAN. Its ok if she looks like a woman.


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