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What is your legislature up to? How are they looking out for your interests?

Elections are news grabbing events, but do you know what your representatives are working on after you elect them? Right now according to Annie’s List (, which is a Texas organization that supports having more women representatives in government,

“Texas has one of the highest rates of human trafficking in the United States, victimizing countless adults and scores of innocent children.

Representative Senfronia Thompson, one of our most powerful legislators, authored HB 10, an omnibus human trafficking bill that adds and amends existing laws to make it easier to prosecute human trafficking and forced prostitution.

The law provides additional resources to victims, and is especially targeted to children. With Rep. Thompson’s leadership, HB 10 has been passed out of the House.”

This is indisputably an important issue and I support Representative Thompson in her efforts to enact practical legislation to help tackle a very serious problem in our state.  Do you know of any important legislation that may impact the lives of women where you live? Share it in the comments section. Not only do we need more women representatives in office, but we should support the positive work they do once they are there. Make your voices heard.


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