All-Female Jihadi Group

I just read an article about a very interesting development in the Middle East. Apparently, a document called,  Women of the Islamic State: Manifesto and Case Study, has been released. Claims are that the document was released by al-Khanssaa Brigade, an all-female militia. Among other things the article claims that the document states:

“It is preferable that women remain hidden and veiled, a which states that they may leave the house only under certain conditions: to study theology, if they are a doctor or a teacher, or if they have been called to fight. The manifesto denounces a Western lifestyle, saying it has moved people further from religion. It also rebuts concepts such as feminism, declaring that women gain nothing from the idea of equality with men. Fashion shops and beauty salons, it adds, are the work of the devil.

The document makes it clear that women must be educated and clearly lays out educational guidelines for girls. From ages 7 to 9, they should study religion, Quranic Arabic and science. From ages 10 to 12, girls should study Islamic laws on marriage and divorce, along with cooking and knitting. Girls 13 to 15 will focus on raising children.”

The author of the document is unknown. To read the full article follow this link: All-Female Jihadi Group Delivers Guide To Life Under Islamic State,

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